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Travelling Exhibitions

  • On the Trail of the Monarch Butterfly

    Canadian Science and Engineering Hall of Fame

    "On the Trail of the Monarch Butterfly" displays stunning microphotographic images and aerial photographs depicting the monarch’s amazing journey from Montreal to the mountains of central Mexico. Join Mexican filmmaker and pilot Francisco Gutiérre on his 72-day adventure to raise awareness about butterfly habitat conservation. Produced in collaboration with the Embassy of Mexico

  • Canadian Science and Engineering Hall of Fame

    Canadian Science and Engineering Hall of Fame

    Meet some of the leaders who helped shape Canada — and the world. Find out about the remarkable accomplishments and great contributions of these Canadian scientists, engineers, and innovators which have inspired this exhibition.

  • Food for Health

    Food for Health

    This exhibition and website answer, from a consumer's point of view, concerns and questions that many Canadians have about the safety of our food supply and the role of food in their health.

  • Food for Health Suitcase Exhibition

    Food for Health Suitcase Exhibition

    This table-top interactive interactive exhibit is designed for elementary grades. It takes a fresh look at the foods we eat and answers many of the questions Canadians have about their food choices, about food safety and about the role food plays in ensuring good health.

  • Watt's Up? Renewable Energies

    Watt's Up? Renewable Energies

    You wish to offer an exhibition that is entertaining for children and instructive for adults? Here is Watt’s Up? Renewable Energy, a highly interactive and dynamic exhibition, made to satisfy the expectations of your visitors concerned by sustainable development.

The Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation offers an exciting line of interactive science exhibitions, ranging in size from 75 m2 to 140 m2 (800 sq. ft. - 1500 sq. ft.). You are invited to enquire about booking these exhibitions for displays. We are also in the process of developing and producing new exhibitions and would welcome collaborative opportunities.

For more information please contact Solange Claude at 613-990-4237.

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