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Cafe scientifique

Café Scientifique: Biofuels: Are We Saving or Starving the World?

May 31, 2011 at 6:00 p.m. at Fox and Feather Pub, 283 Elgin Street

As the world population increases, is the production of biofuels a wise undertaking? Since some biofuels are derived from agricultural products such as corn and wheat, should we be using these resources to produce fuel rather than food? What are the benefits of biofuels and can we produce enough of them to counter the possible environmental and social impacts of their production? Join us for the discussion.

Café Scientifique is a forum where, for the price of a coffee or glass of wine, adults can get together and talk about recent - and sometimes controversial - developments in science and technology. The Canada Science and Technology Museum moderates the discussion between invited experts and the general public. Lively discussions guaranteed!

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May 31, 2011
Biofuels: Are We Saving or Starving the World?