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Other Relevant Sites


Los Alamos National Laboratory Periodic Table
A web page displaying the periodic table. Visitors can click on the elements to learn more about them, such as the history of the elements, and the chemical and physical properties of the elements. Specifically, information on iodine can be found directly by visiting:

Exploring Acids and Bases; University of Wisconsin -- Madison
This site provides information on acids and bases as well as the procedures for some red cabbage juice experiments.

Newton's Apple: Acid Rain
Good information on acid rain.


Antifreeze in fish blood, Cornell Theory Center
The Introduction to "Binding of Antifreeze Polypeptides to Ice Surfaces" (by Sanjida F. Chowdhury, a Chemical Engineering student). The article describes how fish can survive sub-zero water temperatures, due to an antifreeze that lowers the freezing point of their blood. Applications of the research in medicine are described. The actual research is probably too complicated for elementary school children, but teachers may find the site interesting as an application of cryogenics to present to their class.

Newton's Apple: Cryogenics
Information on cryogenics from Newton's Apple.


Science Hobbyist "Static Electricity" Page
A static electricity web page that lists activities for children, relevant articles and other related web sites. Perhaps some of the material is a bit complicated, but there is a lot of good information.

Highway to Science Grade 4 Physical Science (Electricity)
Information on electricity.

Bending Water; University of Wisconsin -- Madison
An experiment where static electricity is used to bend a stream of water.

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