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C.C.M. Sampler

C.C.M. made many bicycles under different brand names.

CCM Ivanhoe poster, 1899

Demand for bicycles recovered very slowly after 1900. Because many of the smaller makers had gone out of business, C.C.M. became the dominant force in the Canadian industry. The company manufactured many different models under the brand names of the original five companies: Lozier’s “Cleveland” (860187), Massey-Harris’s “Silver Ribbon” (880414), and Welland Vale’s “Perfect” (860186) and “Ivanhoe” (950959).

C.C.M. also acquired the rights to well-known trade names, like the National Cycle Company’s “Columbia.” Around the time of the First World War, C.C.M. had branch offices in Montreal, Winnipeg and Vancouver, and, by 1917, had moved its manufacturing operations into a big new factory in Weston near Toronto.