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A New Model Every Year

Canadians have access to all the latest and best cycle technology.

Although relatively new to the cycle trade, Canadian manufacturers were quick to try out the latest variations in safety design. Queen City Cycle Works introduced a tandem model (760308) just before the turn of the century.

Queen City tandem, 1898

In 1898, Massey-Harris, basing their design on the Pope Manufacturing's patents and processes, presented Canadians with their first shaft-driven cycle (760309).

Known generically as “chainless” bicycles, these used a drive shaft and bevelled gears to transfer power from the pedals to the rear wheel.

Massey-Harris shaft-driven safety, 1898
Canadians who could afford an expensive bicycle might buy a chainless or one of the more finely made conventional models—foreign or domestic—dressed up with all the latest and best components and accessories. The Chicago Cycle Company’s women’s model, the “Republic ‘A’” (760311), built around 1899 is a good example of this type of vehicle.