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The Pequegnat Clocks — Canadian Timekeepers


Although the Canada Science and Technology Museum’s chronometry (horology) collection includes clocks dating as far back as the seventeenth century, the primary focus of the Museum’s collecting activity comprises artifacts related to the determination of precise time for public dissemination and use—for scientists and surveyors, railways, government, and, the general public. Transit telescopes, chronometers, regulator clocks, atomic clocks, talking clocks, and related paraphernalia are the core of the Museum’s collection and represent the pinnacle of time measurement and timekeeping in Canada.

Pequegnat clock: Winnipeg model
Pequegnat clock: Buffet model
Winnipeg (CSTM 1975.0264*) Buffet (CSTM 1975.0329)

Pequegnat clock: Halifax model
Halifax (CSTM 2006.0028)
The Museum’s collection includes more than eighty Pequegnat (originally spelled Péquignat, then Péquegnat, and pronounced Peg-in-aw) clocks, mostly acquired in 1975. This particular collection of clocks is the second largest of its kind in a public collection, and represents almost the entire period of production by the Pequegnat firm from 1904 to 1943. The Museum’s compendium, the largest in its horological collection, includes examples of all types of Pequegnat clocks, though not all models are represented. The Pequegnat collection, owing to its size and depth, is an excellent study collection.

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*The numbers in parentheses are the accession numbers of artifacts held by the Museum.