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Portrait of Richard E. Taylor 1929- Richard E. Taylor 1929-

I might not live in Alberta any more but I remain connected. I was born in Medicine Hat, Alberta, in 1929, and now have an appointment at the University of Alberta — Distinguished University Professor in the Department of Physics. Over the years my research has taken me to France, Germany, and also to California, where I spent many years working at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC). I have travelled to share my research results too, including to Stockholm, where I received the 1990 Nobel Prize in Physics.

At SLAC I helped design the experimental areas for a new accelerator; then I worked in the group considering the requirements for the electron scattering apparatus. For the next ten years I helped to build equipment and carried out various electron scattering experiments. This was a time of intense activity and enjoyment. The work at SLAC generated interest in laboratories and universities around the world. We made some fundamental discoveries that show the innermost structure of matter. Our work between 1967 and 1976 provided the first direct physical evidence for quarks, the basic building blocks of matter. We were given, and took, the opportunity to look a bit deeper into the world of the very small. Those were happy and rewarding days.  

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