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Curatorial Division

The Curatorial Division is an integral part of the Collection and Research Branch. It consists of curators, historical researchers, assistants to the curators, library personnel and support staff. At the Canada Science and Technology Museum, curators are principally responsible for development of the collection, for generating research in support of the collection, and for its interpretation. Assistants to the curators provide direct technical and administrative support to curators, while historical researchers undertake research projects defined and directed by the curators. The division is also responsible for generating a number of scholarly, professional and popular publications including Material History Review and our Transformation series.

There are eleven curatorial areas at the Canada Science and Technology Museum:

  • Agriculture
  • Communications
  • Domestic Technology
  • Energy
  • Forestry
  • Graphic Arts
  • Land Transportation
  • Marine Transportation
  • Mining
  • Physical Sciences
  • Space

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