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CSTM Origins

A History of the Canada Science and Technology Museum

Locomotive - Technology Park - CSTMIn 1951, the Massey Commission reported on the state of the arts and sciences in Canada and recommended that the Canadian government do more to support, promote and cultivate work in these fields. As part of this effort, it called for the creation of a national museum of science and technology to collect, preserve, research and interpret our technological heritage. That recommendation was the seed that eventually grew into CSTM but not without the tireless and largely voluntary efforts of many supporters of the project. Without their research, lobbying and promotional work, the science and technology museum might have remained one of many unfulfilled Massey Commission recommendations. This document tells the story of those crucial formative years.

CSTM Origins
Chapter one—Origins (.pdf file (569 Kb))
CSTM Origins 2 Chapter two—Building a National Museum of Science and Technology (.pdf file (512 Kb))
CSTM Origins 3 Chapter three —Getting Things Done: 1967–1981 (.pdf file (857 Kb))

About the author:

Sharon Babaian has been a historian in the Collection and Research Division of the Museum since 1988.
Sharon Babaian - Historian - CSTM

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Sharon Babaian
Collection and Research Division
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