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Shopping List

Shopping List

Most of these experiments and recipes use common household items, but here is a list of the ingredients and materials that you may have to borrow or buy.

  • 9V battery and holder with wire leads
  • 1 or more LED bulbs
  • strong straws or wooden skewers
  • single-hole punch
  • string
  • streamers or ribbons
  • 1 aluminum pie plate
  • 3–6 plastic cups
  • waterproof tape (duct or electrical tape)
  • 1 water jug or container
  • 1 large bucket
  • large lidded box (pizza or shoe box)
  • black construction paper

May We Suggest...


Energy Island by Allan Drummond
Hold onto your hats – it's windy on the Danish island of Samso. Meet the environmentally friendly people who now proudly call their home Energy Island. A narrative tale and a science book in one, this inspiring true story proves that with a little hard work and a big idea, anyone can make a huge step towards energy conservation.
(Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2011)

Online Game

Ronaldo vs ElectroViper
Evil ElectroVipers have taken over the light factory and are draining all the electricity. To save the factory, Ronaldo must squash all the ElectroVipers and rescue the low-energy lightbulbs. Time your jumps carefully!

Web Link

The Children’s University of Manchester
What is energy, and how is it made? Discover the answers to these questions and much more with this interactive online learning tool.

Board Game

Pathways and Pitfalls!
Simply download the PDF, print and assemble this fun board game. Make the right energy conservation choices to move across the board and win the game.
(Office of Energy Efficiency, 2008)


Playing With Energy