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Properties and Nature of Light

With your Grade 4 to 6 students, explore the characteristics of light using ray boxes, mirrors, lenses, prisms and filters. Discover the fundamentals of reflection, refraction, colour and perception. Compare and contrast additive and subtractive colour theory using light and paint.

This bilingual Edukit has five modules:

Module 1: Light and Vision

With activities on “How do we see?”, “Do we really see light?” and seeing through objects, explore the physics of light, and experiment to better understand its properties.

Module 2: Reflection and Refraction

Explore reflection and refraction as hands-on activities that involve experimenting with lenses and mirrors to better understand the properties of light.

Module 3: The Properties of Light

Explore the visible spectrum and experiment with colour theory. Activities include an introduction to “Roy G Biv”, mixing up white light, interference patterns, and lasers.

Module 4: The Nature of Colour

Explore and experiment with colour theory in a number of ways.

Module 5: Visual Perception

This culminating module offers students a chance to pull everything together and explore human interaction with light through activities with spinning colour wheels, illusion and perception.

Interactive Props

  • Hodson ray box
  • Student ray boxes
  • Green and red laser pointers
  • Lenses, mirrors and prisms
  • Laser mazes
  • Colour filters

Additional Information and Learning Aids

  • Extensive teacher’s manual that includes background materials, templates and lesson plans for activities
  • Laminated photos of light phenomena and optical illusions
  • Colour transparencies to support activities
  • Packing guide


  • Sturdy case on wheels
  • Dimensions: 63 cm x 49 cm x 35 cm (25" x 20" x 14")
  • Weight: 27 kg (60 lbs)

Borrowing fee: $129
(One-month rental fee includes shipping and handling)

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