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Artifact Spotlight - Periodic Table Model

Artifact no.: CSTM 1995.0335
Date: 1940s
Source: National Research Council Canada

Periodic Table Model

This white conical shape with fins is not an example of abstract 1950s art but rather a cyclical spiral concept of the relationship of the elements with hydrogen at the peak. It was imagined and built by Dr. Don Stedman at National Research Council of Canada in the 1940s. Stedman considered many factors and characteristics of the elements as he designed his models. While all of the usual groups of elements are found, changes from one group to another are represented and their origins are more easily understood. Stedman felt that his model gave more insight into “the orderly development and classification of the elements”. Stedman’s interests were diverse. During WW II he was involved in de-icing of aircraft propellers and, at other times, the separation of petroleum, as well as windshield rain repellants.

Ref.: D.F. Stedman, Can. J. Res. B 25, May 1947, 199-210.