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Vision for a new CSTM

Origins of CSTM

The Canada Science and Technology Museum, (formally operating as the National Museum of Science and Technology) opened in November of 1967 and is the only comprehensive multi-disciplinary science and technology museum in Canada. The Museum was created from a 1951 Massey Commission report on the state of the arts and sciences in Canada and recommended that the Canadian government do more to support, promote and cultivate work in these fields. As part of this effort, it called for the creation of a national museum of science and technology to collect, preserve, research and interpret Canada's technological heritage.

Just a few months after the appointment of inaugural museum director, Dr. Baird, departmental officials found a building that they thought could be made into a temporary home for a museum: a warehouse built on St Laurent Boulevard for the local bakery Morrison Lamothe and that was no longer needed by the company.

For more detailed information, please consult the following documents:

CSTM Origins
Chapter one—Origins (.pdf file (569 Kb))
CSTM Origins 2 Chapter two—Building a National Museum of Science and Technology (.pdf file (512 Kb))
CSTM Origins 3 Chapter three —Getting Things Done: 1967–1981 (.pdf file (857 Kb))