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Issues Published / Numéros publiés

61. Spring / Printemps 2005

    Éditorial / Éditorial: Material Culture Studies and Design History / Études de la culture matérielle et histoire du design

    Articles: Pravina Shukla, "The Study of Dress and Adornment as Social Positioning"; Jean-François Plante, "L'instrument de musique amérindien dans l'Est de l'Amérique du Nord : facture, usages et changements, des contacts à 1800"; Annmarie Adams, "Picturing Vernacular Architecture: Thaddeus Holownia's Photographs of Irving Gas Stations"; Lydia Ferrabee Sharman, "Design and Innovation in Montreal through the 1960s and 1970s"

    Research Reports / Rapports de recherches: Nicolette Prince, "Nlaka'pamux Women's Headgear: An Examination of Design Elements"; Barbara Klempan, "Paintbox at Sea: The Materials and Techniques of Canadian Second World War Artist C. Anthony Law"; Sharon Babaian, "Evidence From a Disaster: The Ocean Ranger Collection at the Canada Science and Technology Museum"

    Exhibition Review / Compte rendu d'exposition: Brad Lowen, "Once in French America / Il était une fois en Amérique Française".

    Book Reviews / Comptes rendus de livres: Kris Inwood, "James Candow, ed., Industry and Society in Nova Scotia: An illustrated History"; Rhona Richman Kenneally, "Digesting Food Writing:, "Lucy M. Long, ed., Culinary Tourism",and "Jamie Horwitz and Paulette Singley, eds., Eating Architecture".

60. Autume / Automne 2005

    Éditorial / Éditorial: Objetcts and Identity / Objets et identité

    Articles: Christian Roy, "Le travail de la forge à Fort-Témiscamingue : un facteur de développement dans l=occupation du territoire"; Paula Flynn, "Making and Metaphor: Hooked Rug Development in Newfoundland,1973-2003"; Brian S. Osborne and Deraint B. Osborne, "The Cast(e)ing of Heroic Landscapes of Power: Constructing Canada's Pantheon on Parliament Hill"; Lynne McNeill, "Traces of Coming and Going": The Contemporary Creation of Inuksuit on the Avalon Peninsula"; Janet G. Gilmore, "Sagamité and Booya: French Influence and Defining Great Lakes Culinary Heritage".

    Research Reports / Rapports de recherches: Grant MacLeod, "The Painter (Tyee) Boat"; Robyn Pike, "The Rorke Stores Museum: "Balancing the Scales" "; Art W. Cockerill, "The Trappers of Labrador".

    Book Reviews / Comptes rendus de livres: Jenny Cook, "Clive Edwards, Encyclopedia of Furniture Materials, Trades and Techniques, JENNY COOK; Bradford L. Rauschenberg and John Bivins, Jr, The Furniture of Charleston, 1680-1820";David McGee, "Christina Garsten and Helena Wulff, New Technologies at Work: People, Screens, and Social Virtuality Eric Higgs, Andrew Light and David Strong, Technology and the Good Life?"; Anna Adamek, "Joan Skogan, Mary of Canada: The Virgin Mary in Candian Culture, Spirituality, History and Geography"; Bryan Dewalt, "Jon Agar, Constant Touch: A Global History of the Mobile Phone".

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